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Interior Design, Retail & Interior

Street Luxe for Bangkok

From the street, to the runway and back again.

A minimal glass facade seamlessly exposes the two storeyinterior to the vibrant street life of Siam Square

Combining both low-brow and refined materials & finishes– we created displays from raw construction scaffolding, mirror finished stainless steel, glass and polished terrazzo.

Street Luxe for Bangkok

Upperground is a newly created high-end brand presenting off-the-runway street fashion. Located for maximum exposure to a global audience of youthful customers in Bangkok’s Phatumwan district, at the epicentre the city’s retail. This is the second project our team designed for Carnival Supply Co., arguably Bangkok’s original streetwear authorities.

Whitespace disregarded the more conventional stores surrounding Upperground in the Central World shipping centre, creating a store that would feel at home in an avant-garde high street in Tokyo’s Harajuku, or New York’s SoHo. With creative direction by Whitespace founder, David Mayer and his long time collaborator Dann De Witt , a Street-inspired luxury retail environment was interpreted through a combining of low-brow and refined materials & finishes. The story intends to carry off the feel of an art installation, with displays made of galvanised construction scaffolding, mirror finished stainless steel, glass and polished terrazzo. The feel is a store possibly under construction– subtly communicating the constant movement and evolution of fashion.

Contrasting with its industrial character, a full-on luxury customer experience is evidenced by comfortable white leather seating and head to toe mirrors in the shoe try on area, generous changing rooms with comfortable waiting areas for guests. Staff can survey the entire store from a dj-booth inspired central service hub.

Upperground follows Carnival, the two story streetwear flagship less than one kilometre away in Bangkok’s Siam Square, positioned  to be a bit more accessible to college aged customers.


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