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The way we work


We Are Whitespace

We are an interior design company as well as comprehensive brand design and strategy, web and mobile app design, and marketing communication design.

Founded in 2004, Whitespace began as a creative design consultancy, evolving over the years into the Whitespace Group. We offer specialist omni-channel experience design services & comprehensive turnkey solutions for clients within the retail and hospitality sectors, spanning both physical and digital realms. 

Our group comprises three distinct companies: Whitespace, Whitespace Connect, and Formspace, each dedicated to delivering excellence in design and service.

Why Whitespace?


We have a team of talented and experienced designers. We have been transforming spaces into stunning works of art for years.

 Moreover, we work closely with clients every step of the way to ensure their vision is brought to life. The firm offers a wide range of services including interior design, architectural design, space planning, furniture selection, lighting design, and project management.

Whitespace approaches each project with passion and creativity, delivering exceptional results every time”

Our Brand Design Approach


Start getting to know your business through our discovery process. This allows us to understand your needs and brand identity, then dive deep into brand DNA.


We delicately went through your brand by doing research about the market, competitors and the opportunities we can expect from the design outcome.


We think, design, and develop in a thoughtful process to ensure we work to meet and go over your expectations. We capture your brand essence and storytelling into design perspectives. Our mission is providing impressive designs and offering your customers what makes your brand unique in a practical way.


To transform your brand's mission through design, we finalize all remaining elements and ensure that the final design is compelling and consistent at every touchpoint. Our team's specialists provide project management and coordination with additional services upon request to deliver outstanding results and create experiences.


Our Creative Process

Whitespace's Research & Discovery

  • Research 

Start with market research such as the project requirements, target audience, market trends, and any constraints and design research for exploration of brand context, design inspirations, trends, best practices, and materials that will yield a creative framework through many years of experience in various types of research design.

  • Concept Design

Take data from design research to establish overall design vision and set directions.

  • Design Development

Execute the chosen creative concept and artistic direction consistently throughout all project elements while thoroughly examining every facet of the design.

  • Implementation Support

The implementation of the design through technical documentation, execution, and coordination of production processes.

  • Why is this step necessary?

Research is necessary for creative processes, especially in design research because it serves as the fuel that ignites innovation, ensures quality, and fosters relevance. Without research, creative endeavors lack the depth of understanding needed to generate truly impactful ideas. It provides creators with essential insights into their subject matter, whether it's historical context, scientific principles, market trends, or audience preferences. This understanding not only inspires creativity but also guides it in the right direction. Research facilitates problem-solving by offering solutions grounded in data and evidence. It validates creative concepts, ensuring they are feasible and resonate with the intended audience. Ultimately, research is indispensable for creative processes because it enriches ideas, mitigates risks, and drives innovation forward.

Design by Whitespace

About Us | Research and Discovery

Whitespace's Concept Design

  • Discovery 

Research about design and concept to understand and look for inspiration from diverse sources, including nature, art, technology, and other fields to encourage creative thinking and explore a wide range of possibilities.

  • Schematic design

Present the schematic design concepts to the client for feedback and review to incorporate their input, revise the designs, and summarize the key design decisions, rationale, and considerations made during the schematic design phase.

  • Design development

Take customer feedback and use it to adjust the layout, spatial organization, and overall design approach.

  • Final Design

Present the design development documents to the client for review and approval.


  • Why is this step necessary?

Concept design is indispensable within creative processes as it serves as the foundational framework upon which all subsequent creative endeavors are built. It plays a pivotal role in providing clarity of vision, enabling creators to articulate and refine their ideas from their nascent stages. By visualizing concepts early on, creators can anticipate challenges and devise innovative solutions, fostering an iterative approach that encourages continuous improvement. Furthermore, concept design stimulates innovation by encouraging experimentation and exploration, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Ultimately, concept design is vital for mitigating risks, enhancing creativity, and laying the groundwork for successful and impactful creative endeavors.

Design by Whitespace

Concept Design | About Us

Design Development

Implement selected creative concept and art direction across all deliverables and explore all aspects of the design.

Design by Whitespace


Implementation Support

The execution of the design through technical documentation and implementation and production coordination.

Design by Whitespace



Founder / President
Architect / USA
David J Mayer
Our founder, David Mayer, studied Architecture at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, in the College of Fine Arts, graduating with University Honours in 1988. He participated in an architectural studio in the Italian hill town region north of Rome in the summer of 1984. He was awarded the John Knox Shear Traveling Fellowship in 1986, that included research and travel in England and Scotland. Mayer passed the American Architectural registration examinations, receiving the title of Registered Architect in 1989. He worked in Architectural firms for ten years in Boston– where he worked on the US Embassy for Bangkok, and a laboratory building at Yale University. He worked at retail specialist firms, Bergmeyer and Fitch, counting Timberland, Bose and Levi-Strauss among his notable clients. With the dream of starting up a design studio in Asia, Mayer moved to Bangkok in 2001. In 2002-3, he was a lecturer at the School of Architecture & Design, King Mongkut’s University, and has been a guest critic over the years at Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Architecture/ INDA. In 2004, Mayer registered Whitespace Ltd, leased studio space in central Bangkok, and began hiring designers. The company is registered under the 1966 US/Thai Treaty of Amity, allowing Mayer sole ownership as a US citizen. In the early years, Whitespace collaborated with US Architectural firms on their projects in the US and in China, and worked on retail projects for Apple retail partners in Thailand. In 2005, Mayer created the iStudio brand and retail flagshipstore for Apple Premium Resellers that became the model for a nationwide expansion across Thailand. This work helped establish Whitespace as the leading retail design firm in the country, bringing clients like AP Honda Motorcycles, Uniqlo, the Central Group, Jaspal, Dtac/Telenor, Pomello and Mykita.
Creative Director – Brand Design
Dann De Witt
For more than 30 years, American Dann De Witt has created leading-edge brand identities, advertising campaigns, retail display systems, environments, packaging and interactive initiatives for a wildly eclectic range of clients worldwide.
Managing Director
Pakorn Boonyapatkul
Pakorn has over 15 years of experience in corporate finance and business management across various industries, including banking, retail, and media. He started his career in the US at an IT solution firm and received accreditation from Microsoft. After completing his Master's in finance (MIF) from Thammasat University, he focused on project finance and played a crucial role in raising funds for a major media corporation's digital TV business and joint ventures with international firms. This experience has motivated him to apply his insights and knowledge of innovation to drive tangible business results at Whitespace.
Associate / Director of Global Growth
Head of Business Development
Kwanchai Athikomrungsarit
Awarded a Master’s Degree from the University of Kent, UK, in 3D Design and Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. Kwanchai has extensive experiences in multi-disciplinary design for hospitality interior and furniture design before joining Whitespace in 2006. He manages design teams for wide ranging of interior and brand design projects and leads our operation to an international level.
Associate / Senior Creative Director
Director of Interior Design
Phanupol Bawornwiwut
Phanupol studied Interior Architecture at the School of Architecture & Design, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, receiving his Bachelors in 2003. He earned his Masters at the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden– receiving a degree Architectural Lighting Design in 2011. As a Senior Associate, Phanupol provides creative leadership for some of our most significant projects and key clients, he is also helping to set the stage for our future success.
Associate / Senior Creative Director
Director of Architecture
Boriphon Suwattana
Boriphon studied Architecture at faculty of Architecture Rangsit University, receiving his Bachelors in 1996. He earned his Masters at Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles– receiving a degree Architectural Lighting Design in 2000. As a Senior Associate, he provides creative leadership for some of our most significant projects and large scale commercial portfolio and architectural projects.
Associate / Senior Creative Director
Studio Director
Patchara Khancharoensuk
Patchara received a Bachelor’s degree in Interior design at Rangsit University. She has worked for over ten years across the Middle East and Asia serving interior design needs of major companies, with a core focus on hospitality projects. With a deep understanding of the hospitality design industry and a belief that interior design empowers, she has become an established specialist in hospitality design, across F&B and commercial projects for Whitespace.