ToB1 Hair Salon | Whitespace Bangkok

ToB1 Hair Salon

A Green Salon Collaboration With Schwarzkopf

With a new collection of green hair products, Schwarzkopf wanted to create a showcase salon with sustain-ability as its design principal.

Relishing the opportunity, Whitespace designers sought to transform the challenge into design opportunities. Working closely with Inverse Lighting designers, we devised an exciting ceiling that helped reflect the daylight from the mall atrium deep into the space, reducing electrical use during the daytime. The zig-zag ceiling also served to reduce the volume of the space, minimising the air-conditioning requirements. Rather than providing general illumination throughout the space, we created custom lighting at each chair, further reducing the electrical consumption.

Our materials choices also encompassed sustainability, highlighted by reclaimed teak flooring. We avoided plastics and synthetic materials, instead of using metals and glass which are easily recycled. The overall appearance of the salon is clean and modern- while remaining warm and inviting. Large scale Schwarzkopf photography is presented like artwork, drawing the eye to the rear of the salon- the location of the spa-like shampoo area.

Our design has proven to be timeless- completed in 2011, it is still in operation today with only minor modifications.