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Smart Travel

Smart Travel: a Showcase for Innovative Travel Products 

Located in the super-premium Siam Discovery lifestyle centre and with a direct internal connection to the adjacent The North Face store- Whitespace designers took a fashion retail approach to the store design.

The overall ambience of the store is spacious, with focused lighting and a backlighted backpack wall drawing the eye to the rear of the store. A perimeter of wall presentations surrounds floor feature displays. A simple colour pallet of natural woods and white painted bricks provides a sophisticated yet down to earth ambience.

With an emphasis on merchandising and customer journey- the store is a flexible platform for engaging product presentations. We always make sure that the store interior and display design doesn’t upstage the merchandise. For example, our floor displays create focal points along the customer journey for making cross-merchandising presentations that tell relevant product stories. These focal displays encourage direct customer engagement with the products.

Wall displays serve the purpose of organising products into functional groupings, simplifying the customer shopping experience by making it easy to discover products. Given that many of the products are new and highly innovative- our designers know that encouraging customer review of the entire offer will improve the shopping experience and sales.