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SEE You Ekkamai, a bar inspired by the myth of Narcissus, intricately blends Mystery, Confidence, Illusion, and Allure through reflective materials, transparent partitions, and mirrors, creating an enchanting atmosphere with neon signs and graphics.


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Narcissus-inspired Elegance: SEE You Ekkamai's Bar Design Unveiled

SEE You Ekkamai stands out as a bar that goes beyond the ordinary, captivating visitors with its enchanting atmosphere that seamlessly weaves elements of Mystery, Confidence, Illusion, and Allure into its design. The inspiration behind this captivating ambiance draws from the ancient Greek myth of Narcissus, and the bar’s Whitespace, Interior & Brand Design, and Interior Graphic elements intricately narrate this mesmerizing tale.

The bar design is a masterpiece, skillfully incorporating reflective materials that emulate the gentle ripples of water. This thoughtful touch not only adds a dynamic visual element but also pays homage to the essence of Narcissus gazing at his own reflection. Transparent partitions further heighten the intrigue, creating an environment shrouded in mystery, inviting patrons to explore and discover.

Mirrors, strategically placed, play a pivotal role in crafting visual illusions, echoing the self-love that defined Narcissus’s tale. The careful interplay of neon signs and environmental graphics takes the allure to another level, with the incorporation of blue light and diverse reflective materials. These visual designs are more than just aesthetic choices; they embody the core of the brand concept, reflecting its personality and identity with each carefully curated detail.

As visitors step into SEE You Ekkamai, they are not just entering a bar; they are immersing themselves in an enchanting experience where design, myth, and ambiance harmoniously converge. The bar’s captivating visual narrative transforms it into a space that not only serves drinks but also tells a story, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter. SEE You Ekkamai truly stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful Bar design in creating memorable and immersive environments.