Sandbar | Whitespace Bangkok


All Day Dining for a Thai Seaside Resort

A restaurant entrepreneur sees Whitespace as an ideal partner for creating an indoor/outdoor, all-day dining restaurant. Located in a seaside resort town, less than two-hours drive from the Bangkok metropolis, Whitespace created the Sand Bar branding and environments squarely aimed at the tourist market.

With a scope including a building, its interiors and an outdoor garden dining area- our in-house team of architects, interior designer and branding specialists collaborated with the owners to realise their vision. Knowing that the nature of an all-day dining facility requires the consideration of the transformation from daytime to night- was both a challenge and an exciting opportunity for the project. Of course, the lighting design was an important tool, particularly in the garden area that would be most in-demand in the balmy tropical evenings.

The indoor environment reflects a western sensibility, with the feel of a residential eat-in kitchen- accommodating table service and take-away. Our brand designers created the Sand Bar brand identity, menus & collateral, signage and environmental graphics.