Pizzaiola by Massilia | Whitespace Bangkok

Pizzaiola by Massilia

Authentic Wood-fired Pizzeria for Hungry Shoppers

Pizzaiola is the latest project by the Michelin Guide® and Gambero Rosso® Award winning Pizza Massilia- working with Whitespace to bring their signature fare to Shopping Centre Diners.

The name Pizzaiola comes from the Italian word for ‘Lady Pizza Maker’ from the Italian movie ‘L`Oro di Napoli’ (The Gold of Naples). Played by the iconic Sophia Loren, her character showed to the world the bright and joyous nature of Neapolitan women. Pizzaiola presents ‘Pizza del Popolo’, Pizza for the People- fresh from their Stefano Ferrara wood-fired pizza oven.

Our designers took inspiration from Pizzaiola’s flagship restaurant – carrying over its Mediterranean flavoured casual décor featuring plenty of flora and blue and white colour scheme. Greek-inspired ceramic tiles in patterns wrap the preparation area, topped with an architectural roof element in tuscan red. Our designers created a variety of seating for large and small groups, as well as individuals, with randomly mixed seating in blue and white.