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Indosat Ooredoo

Indosat Ooredoo- Helping Indonesia’s Leading Telecom Lead the Way


Interior Design



Indosat Ooredoo- Helping Indonesia's Leading Telecom Lead the Way

Indonesian mobile provider, Indosat Ooredoo, worked with Whitespace to create a national retail prototype and branded customer experience for Indonesia, with the first flagship location in Jakarta. Whitespace retail design team focused on brand differentiation and ways to connect with customers across a diverse population.

Whitespace created an instantly recognisable appearance for the stores to attract and inspire exploration. From the signature lighting and strategic use of branding and key colours to the comfortable furnishings and warm, lifestyle-oriented environment- Indosat Ooredoo makes its presence known.

Whitespace approach begins with customer needs driving every aspect of our design thinking. Customer journey is supported by the store interior, from the easily accessible express-service kiosks at the storefront, to the digital concierge and mobile product displays. Staff may interact and serve customers across the store using handheld devices or in a comfortably seated service desk format.

To call attention to, and promote postpay accounts- we created the Postpay Lounge with a sense of VIP exclusivity- serving refreshments and with a faster and more personalised interaction with staff.

Key marketing communication messaging is presented digitally in a variety of formats, allowing for rapid updates nationwide. Digital allows for more engaging video content, able to seamlessly carry brand messaging across wide-ranging media, from television to social/online formats.