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Ideo Charan

Ideo Charan- Consumer-targeted Interiors that Sell

Whitespace is partnering with Ananda development for the interiors of several condominium developments across the Bangkok metropolis. Our consumer-focused interior designers are uniquely able to provide design solutions transforming Ananda’s branding, positioning, and marketing strategy into fully realised, holistic branded residential interior design.

Our client is aiming at the entry-level condominium consumer, starting with the retail price of the units, resulting in very compact units from 21 to 45 square meters. At the same time- the residential market has a high bar for design, so our challenge is to create the most appealing offer while maintaining budgetary constraints.

Because of the diminutive unit sizes- we have placed a lot of emphasis on amenities and common areas that allow residents to entertain and socialise outside of their units. Our interior designers bring our hospitality knowledge to bear across the common areas- from the expansive lounge area and game rooms to the mailroom and lift lobbies. Furniture, finishes, lighting and attention to detail are all carefully considered to create a major selling point in the minds of Ananda customers.