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FILA Beijing

The FILA Beijing flagship store embodies FILA’s 100-year legacy, blending classical Roman architecture with Italian craftsmanship. Inspired by the theme ‘Back to the Origin,’ the design features columns, arches, and stone surfaces.


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Unveiling FILA's Heritage: Exploring the Beijing Flagship Store's 'Back to the Origin' Concept

The new FILA flagship store in Beijing was meticulously crafted with the concept of “Back to the Origin”, With over 100 years of heritage since its founding in 1911. Drawing inspiration from this legacy, the store’s interior and facade seamlessly blend classical architectural elements reminiscent of the Roman period. Columns, arches, domes, and stone surfaces grace the space, embodying the essence of FILA’s storied history and reflecting the brand’s commitment to its origins.

the meticulous design of retail lighting within FILA’s stores goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a homage to the brand’s rich heritage and commitment to Italian craftsmanship. By crafting depth and dimension through strategic illumination, FILA elevates the shopping experience, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the brand’s legacy.