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Instantly recognizable as being born of Apple DNA– Ai presents a powerfully minimal retail environment. Color derived from Apple’s classic rainbow logo and motifs inspired by pixelated icons from the original MacOS are combined with modern typography to create something fresh and fun.


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Apple intuition - An Experimental Apple Authorised Reseller Store

Having developed the iStudio Apple Premium Reseller store concept our client wanted to turn our attention to their Apple Authorised Reseller stores. As the premier Apple dealer in Thailand, Copperwired wanted to start with a clean slate, and reinvent the Apple reseller store of the future.

Without a global standard for Apple Authorised reseller stores, Copperwired wanted to create their own. These stores are intended for smaller locations and don’t have the strict merchandising requirements of Premium Reseller stores. Clients typically require a less costly implementation budget. With this in mind, Whitespace designers undertook a fresh approach to Apple dealer stores.

Our scope of work included complete branding services, working with the client’s given naming of Ai (Apple intuition). Our client wanted to position the stores targeting try Apple fans. With that in mind, our designers looked to the history of the Apple brand for inspiration. Our solution focused on fun, with a bit of nostalgia taking its colour scheme from the original Apple rainbow logo, the ‘Hello’ greeting from the original Mac launch screen, and the pixellated icons from the early Mac OS. We then made sure that the overall branding was also thoroughly clean and future-looking.

The overall image of the store conveys warmth and a minimalist, sophisticated design ethos. The open ceiling space is dominated by a large ring light fixture that provides iconic recognisability while remaining within budgetary constraints. We created tables with chunky wood legs recalling our iStudio stores but simplified and supporting impossibly thin white solid surfacing tabletops that appear to hover over the legs. We kept fixture types to a minimum, focusing on modularity allowing for almost infinite reconfigurations. The store has a major accessory focal wall, grouped into categories with the same wood elements used on the tables.

Overall, we believe Ai conveys the essence of the Apple brand and provides a user-friendly customer experience without compromise.