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Nike by Melrose is a laboratory blurring the boundary between online and offline retail

For many years’ experts have been swearing by the “fact” that retail is not long for this world, due to the ever-exponential rise in e-Commerce shopping. In this digital era more people are doing their shopping online and finding even less reason to venture to the “bricks & mortar” stores. With Nike by Melrose, that could be about to change rather dramatically.

What is Nike by Melrose?

It’s exactly what it sounds like; Nike by Melrose is a physical retail location that’s opening on July 12th at Melrose Avenue in West Los Angeles. But what is it that separates this new store from your average retail store? Why does this one location have the potential to shake up the world of online & offline retail? Let’s find out…

The store has been tailored specifically to the buying habits of local Nike customers

Since its inception in 1964, Nike has been setting trends and leading the way in the sporting attire industry. Today, that trend setting continues, taking the form of a new high-tech store. Using the analytical data from the online buying habits of their customers, Nike has designed a store which is specifically tailored to the customers living in Western Los Angeles. This means that the items that they have in stock will be significantly more likely to sell as it’s precisely what their customers will be looking for. (if blue is trending, then plenty of blue will be stocked) This evolution in offline retail will transform the overall experience making it even more attractive for Nike fans to buy offline by entering their store.

In addition to their stock being influenced by what is trending, and the current buying habits of their local customers; much of their stock will refresh every two weeks. So, 25% of its foot-ware will be changed out, bringing in new and popular items. Some of the items will be entirely unique to that specific store, giving customers all the more reason to come in and get their hands on a limited style.

In-store best sellers

Another exciting feature that the store will have to offer is a backlog of bestselling items in stock. So, rather than stocking seasonal items only, there will be 365 favourites in-store for Nike fans to choose from!

Unique, high-tech features

But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, there are many new and innovative features that make Nike by Melrose an attractive spot to offline consumers.

Reserve pick-up lockers

The store will feature high-tech lockers where Nike members can reserve new clothing and shoes to try on without any purchase having to be made. This gives customers a unique opportunity to come into the store and find precisely what they’re looking for without wasting any time.

Nike Expert sessions

The store will also feature a treadmill where Nike members can trial various sneakers and sports attire before making their purchase. They will be accompanied by a Nike Expert who will advise them on which items are best suited to their needs and desires. Combining excellent taste, unparalleled style, and an in-depth knowledge of Nike’s vast range of sporting equipment, members will be able to find the perfect get-up for them.

SwooshText delivery 

Another fantastic feature that Nike by Melrose is offering is the “drive-thru” pick-up experience using SwooshText. Simply put, Nike members can place their order using the Nike mobile app and pick-up their items immediately in the parking area behind the store. This is perfect for people in a hurry! So, if you’ve got a game of squash planned with a new client in the evening and you want to look your best then you can pick-up some new sports equipment immediately.

It’s an interesting test which is worth following

Nike have referred to their new Melrose store as being a “laboratory” of sorts. It’s a test shop which is subject to change over the coming months. As it stands the store will be 50-50 with male and female attire. That said, depending on the analytical data that they gather, it could well go either way. It’s all about reacting to what the local customer wants and then delivering exactly that.

It’s an interesting test and one which is entirely worth following. It will be great to see how this shapes offline retail and whether or not a new wave of high-tech stores can breath a new lease of life into what is thought to be a dying industry.


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