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iStudio Siam Paragon

Shop design experiences for iStudio the Apple reseller store throughout Southeast Asia


Whitespace has been integral in shaping shop design experiences for Apple retail partners across Southeast Asia, starting with the innovative iStudio concept in Thailand. Our warm and inviting store design, inspired by creative studios, have successfully conveyed Apple’s user-friendly message, encouraging exploration and participation in workshops. Over the years, we’ve evolved to create iBeat Authorized Reseller and U Store Campus Experience Centre concepts, and we continue to assist Apple partners in Southeast Asia with transitioning to the global Apple design standard, implementing Apple-designed fixtures and displays for a seamless retail experience.


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Thailand’s premier Apple reseller shop design expansion


Since 2004, Whitespace has been pivotal in shaping shop design experiences for Apple and its retail partners across Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Our journey began in Thailand when Apple was primarily associated with the iPod, and Apple computers were seen as niche products for artists and designers. At that time, Apple’s regional advertising presence was minimal, and the brand’s ethos of user-friendly computing for all remained largely uncommunicated. Our mission was to create store designs that would convey this message effectively.

To achieve this, we developed several in-store marketing initiatives aimed at echoing Apple’s brand ethos. Embracing Apple’s creative spirit, we introduced the iStudio brand concept. Inspired by artist lofts, our interior design stores aimed to radiate warmth and hospitality while maintaining brand sophistication. The goal was to create an inviting environment where customers could explore and experience Apple’s innovative products firsthand.

We actively engaged customers through short familiarization workshops, strategically placing a dedicated workshop table at the storefront to spark curiosity and encourage participation. This approach proved highly effective, with over 50% of workshop attendees transitioning into first-time Apple product purchasers. This strategy not only increased sales but also helped demystify Apple products for a broader audience.

Our pioneering iStudio stores were recognized as Apple Premium Reseller establishments, setting a high standard for Apple retail design in the region. As we evolved, we introduced the iBeat Authorized Reseller and U Store Campus Experience Centre concepts to cater to different customer segments. More than a decade after launching our first iStudio store, we continue to support Apple retail partners across Southeast Asia, ensuring their stores align with the global Apple retail design standard.

Now, our work with Apple retail design remains at the forefront of shop design innovation. We integrate Apple-designed fixtures and displays to enhance the shopping experience, creating spaces that are not only functional but also visually stunning. Our commitment to excellent interior design has helped transform Apple stores in Southeast Asia into vibrant hubs where technology and creativity converge, reflecting the essence of the Apple brand.