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Creating a Brand and Rooftop Haven City Folk to Unwind

Helping a young French client realise his vision for a Bistro & Bar– spilling outdoors amongst Bangkok’s high-rise skyline.

Roof 409– spilling onto to a large rooftop veranda surrounded by Bangkok’s skyline– creates a perfect environment to appreciate city life.

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Providing a full scope of services– our collaborative teams created the brand identity, restaurant collateral, signage and environmental graphics, including hand-drawn murals of the owner’s home city of Paris.

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Creating a Brand and Rooftop Haven City Folk to Unwind

Whitespace was able to help a young Parisian entrepreneur realise his dream of a rooftop bistro amid Bangkok metropolitan cityscape. Engaging our full suite of branding services, we created his Roof 409 brand - with all the necessary collateral and an into an outdoor cosy outdoor environment– to chill out with friends and lovers in balmy tropical evenings.

Our environment designers leveraged their creativity to meet the budgetary constraints of the start-up business– resulting in a delightfully down to earth, with a definite sense of European sophistication reflecting the tastes of the owner. As an example, we worked with a local artist to create line-drawing murals of the Parisian cityscape over glossy white tiles in some focal point locations in the interiors. Outside we created an old-style marquee Roof 409 sign, that doubles as a lighting element and to announce the brand to the neighbouring high rises.

Now in business since 2015– with loyal customers, we are delighted to have participated in another startup success story.


Roof 409 Bar & Bistro


Food & Drink Outdoor/Rooftop




Interior Design, Food & Drink, Signage & Interior Graphic


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Mr. Phanupol Bawornwiwut

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