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Roof 409

Creating a Brand and Rooftop Haven City Folk to Unwind

Whitespace was able to help a young Parisian entrepreneur realise his dream of a rooftop bistro amid Bangkok metropolitan cityscape. Engaging our full suite of branding services, we created his Roof 409 brand – with all the necessary collateral and an into an outdoor cosy outdoor environment- to chill out with friends and lovers in balmy tropical evenings.

Our environment designers leveraged their creativity to meet the budgetary constraints of the start-up business- resulting in a delightfully down to earth, with a definite sense of European sophistication reflecting the tastes of the owner. As an example, we worked with a local artist to create line-drawing murals of the Parisian cityscape over glossy white tiles in some focal point locations in the interiors. Outside we created an old-style marquee Roof 409 sign, that doubles as a lighting element and to announce the brand to the neighbouring high rises.

Now in business since 2015- with loyal customers, we are delighted to have participated in another startup success story.