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Experience the perfect blend of vintage allure and contemporary sophistication at Pronto. The store, embellished with Japanese-style decoration and showcasing light-toned wood materials that elevate the aesthetic to new heights.


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Pronto: Vintage Fashion with Elegant Interior Design

Pronto is a vintage-style fashion store renowned for its premium offerings and carefully curated interior design. The store’s interior design predominantly features wood elements, which contribute to a classic and timeless atmosphere. This thoughtful design choice not only highlights the store’s vintage charm but also enhances the overall shopping experience for its customers. By integrating wood into the interior design, Pronto successfully creates a warm and inviting space that reflects the quality and exclusivity of its fashion pieces.

With a focus on special-found fashion pieces, Pronto manifests a nostalgic charm that appeals to fashion enthusiasts. The interior design plays a crucial role in this, as it sets the stage for a unique and memorable shopping experience. The combination of vintage aesthetics and premium materials in the interior design underscores the store’s commitment to offering distinctive and high-quality fashion items. Each element of the interior design is carefully selected to complement the unique fashion pieces, creating a cohesive and enchanting environment.

The Pronto store at Emsphere has undergone a contemporary makeover, setting it apart from previous branches. This new design features light-toned wood materials, which elevate the store’s aesthetic and give it a fresh and modern look. The interior design at Emsphere seamlessly blends vintage charm with contemporary elegance, making it a standout destination for fashion lovers. The use of light-toned wood in the interior design not only modernizes the space but also maintains the classic warmth that Pronto is known for.

Incorporating Japanese-style decorations into the interior design adds a layer of premium sophistication to the Pronto store at Emsphere. These elements enhance the overall ambiance, infusing the space with a sense of refined elegance. The Japanese-inspired interior design details contribute to a unique shopping environment that feels both upscale and welcoming. This thoughtful integration of cultural design elements reflects Pronto’s dedication to creating a distinctive and enjoyable shopping experience.

Overall, Pronto’s interior design is a key aspect of its identity as a vintage-style fashion store. The careful selection of wood elements, combined with contemporary updates and Japanese-style decorations, creates a harmonious and appealing space. The interior design not only complements the store’s premium fashion offerings but also elevates the overall shopping experience. By focusing on creating a well-designed and inviting environment, Pronto continues to attract fashion enthusiasts who appreciate both the quality of the products and the ambiance of the store.