Powerbuy | Whitespace Bangkok


Powerbuy transformation from Big box to a Lifestyle store

The leading large format technology and appliance retailer in Thailand turned to Whitespace wanting to transform their stores to keep up with the emerging lifestyle experience stores. With an objective to position Powerbuy as a technology lifestyle brand and for delivering a speciality store customer experience at scale, our teams of branding and retail specialist designers undertook a customer-first analysis of the operation.

Powerbuy’s national presence and a top of mind positioning for technology and appliances- led us to highlight services and consulting, creating a high visibility service centre. This simple move has a big impact on customers often in need of advice, delivery and installation services, as well as after-sale maintenance services. Expertise and follow-through, along with competitive pricing are strong differentiators providing a competitive advantage for the Powerbuy brand.

Concerning store planning and interior design- Whitespace visually broke down the large format store into departments and zones- using ceilings, lighting and a unique display fixture set to help customers navigate the large stores. Circulation paths were very clear- allowing customers to remain oriented while taking in the entirety of the stores’ offerings. Rather than developing a universal presentation as in the previous ‘big box’ store model- we looked at each category of product and created environments best suited to the product presentations.

Although our concept breaks down the ‘big box’ store into smaller category groupings, there is unity and consistency through the material pallets utilising the brand colours, along with warm wood tones and lighting throughout. Whitespace assisted Powerbuy with the implementation of the new prototype nation-wide.