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Picnic / Shanghai

From the inspiration of the Thai modernization period—known as the glorious age of cultural diversity, the brand story focuses on a couple’s relationships bonding over food and a feeling of picnicking in a garden with authentic Thai cuisine.


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Picnic- Branding & Interiors for Thai cuisine in Shanghai.

Picnic is a Thai restaurant located in Shanghai, China, offering authentic Thai cuisine. The inspiration for our brand design derives from the western influence in Thailand during the late 19th-century reign of King Rama V. Known as the glorious age of cultural diversity, it is in this era that the word “picnic” was first introduced to Siamese society.

The brand story is inspired by a couple picnicking in a garden. Our logo is a ‘stack’ of Thai characters forming the word ‘picnic’ (ปิกนิก), and evoking the traditional metal “tiffin box” (a portable lunch box comprised of stacked containers). Their original baked enamel finishes served to inspire our earthy garden color pallet that evokes both a touch of luxury and nostalgia for a bygone era in equal measures.

Our interiors bring out the classic Thai colonial style house with black and white tile floor and a western sensibility to interiors, along with tropical greenery and trellis-like elements at the ‘front yard’ to create an outdoor environment- aligned with the ‘picnic’ concept of the restaurant. Taken together the Picnic branded environment transports its Shanghainese guests to the good old days in Thailand.