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Pavement Food Hall

Whitespace designed the interior and brand for the Pavement Food Court, located underground at Thai Nakarin Hospital, using translucent materials to maximize natural light and a green color scheme for a natural ambiance, connecting the space with the hospital’s brand.


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"Transforming Spaces : Whitespace's Interior and Brand Design for Pavement Food Court"

Whitespace, known for their expertise in interior and brand design, took on the challenge of renovating the Pavement Food Court tucked away underground at Thai Nakarin Hospital. The space’s low ceiling posed a significant challenge, potentially making it feel cramped and unwelcoming.

To overcome this hurdle, Whitespace focused on maximizing natural light intake. They strategically incorporated translucent materials like large glass walls to allow plenty of sunlight to flood the area. This clever solution not only brightened up the space but also made it feel more open and inviting.

In addition to addressing the spatial limitations, Whitespace paid careful attention to the interior design. They chose a soothing green color scheme, creating a natural and calming ambiance for visitors to enjoy. This thoughtful design choice helped to counteract the sterile atmosphere often associated with hospital settings.

Whitespace also took branding into account when designing the food court. By selecting a color tone that echoed the hospital’s logo, they created a visual connection between the two spaces. This cohesive branding strategy not only enhanced the food court’s aesthetic appeal but also reinforced its association with the hospital, making it more memorable for visitors.

Overall, Whitespace’s innovative approach to interior and brand design has transformed the Pavement Food Court into a welcoming and visually appealing space. By maximizing natural light, implementing a calming color scheme, and incorporating cohesive branding elements, they have successfully overcome the challenges posed by the underground location and created an environment that resonates with visitors.