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An established optician in Bangkok looking to the future.


Interior Design



An Optical Clinic of the Future

Occura is an established optician in Bangkok looking to the future, and invited Whitespace to provide a way forward in the increasingly competitive environment for their services and in the sale of eyewear. With years of experience serving the industry- our designers are well aware of the challenges presented by disruptive low-cost one-price business models of an increasing number of competitors entering the market.

We developed a strategy focusing on services, technology experience and expertise, non-existent in many competitors- positioning Occura as eye-care professionals with style. And letting customers know that professional optician services did not mean compromising style or selection with a boutique presentation of high quality, in trend eyewear.

Whitespace undertook an exploration in minimalism. With a clean black and white pallet including marble and warmed by wood flooring- Occura balances high-tech clinic with high fashion eyewear boutique. The customer journey emphasises ease of shopping with  product feature displays and a series of vertical, double sided displays. With eyewear stores often overwhelming customers with selection, our approach organised the product presentations into visually manageable groupings. Acknowledging that eyewear is not only about the face, we provide full length mirrors for customers to see how the frames integrate with their overall look.

With a new retail model, Occura is well positioned to compete and succeed in a market where personalised, professional services with style are rare.