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Lobster Lab

Lobster Lab- Creation of a Seafood Brand Positioned for the new Food Hall

Lobster Lab has two locations at theCommons- a hot new neighbourhood retail centre concept targeting hip young professionals. Thammachart partnered with Whitespace in the development of the brand with a new take on Lobster, considered in Asia as a luxury import seafood. Everything about the brand is positioned for fun, authenticity, and deliciousness- creating an appealing quick-serve offer for youthful customers.

Our team of branding and environments specialist designers collaborated in the creation of the entire Lobster lab concept. From the lobster claw ‘lipstick kiss’ logo the entire branding package follows through with a colourful, informal presentation- instantly recognisable and reinforcing youthful, accessible positioning.

Now with two locations- the flexibility of the brand and prototype is demonstrated as it is adapted to ‘fit in’ while ‘standing out’ in new environments.

Thammachart is a major fresh seafood importer in Thailand. Their positioning is described as “From the chilly fresh lochs of the Scottish highlands to the balmy ocean currents of new Zealand and northern Australia, our journey to find, catch and deliver you the world’s most remarkable seafood knows no bound.”

Whitespace have created the full range of Brand design for Thammachart, including branding packages, restaurant and kiosk environments, environmental graphics, illustrations, packaging, print and digital collateral. We created The Dock restaurant, specialising in Oysters- along with a full range of seafood from around the world.