KingKong Pet Shop | Whitespace Bangkok

KingKong Pet Shop

Thailand's First Pet Superstore

Our client wanted to create the first one-stop destination for pets and their people. Our design team took a holistic view of the project- looking to create community amongst pet-owners as well as presenting a compelling range of speciality goods and services. The overall store communicates the owners’ passion and love for pets as well as being trusted authorities in the category.

Our architects and brand designers collaborated to bring the brand to life, from the playful graphic-storefront to the delightful environmental graphics throughout the interiors. Brand colours and light coloured woods are used throughout to bring a sense of warmth to the interiors. The entrance level features a cafe lounge- for owners to socialise while waiting for grooming or other services.

Our retail experts bring all of our experience in the design and presentation of wide-ranging merchandise in the retail area. In order to create a positive shopping experience- we craft a wonderful customer journey- from the creation of well-organised merchandise presentations to the flexibility of feature displays and focal points to attract and inspire customers every time they visit.