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Creating a 21st Century Jewellery Flagship

JUBILEE DIAMOND– Jeweller for the 21st Century

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Creating a 21st Century Jewellery Flagship

A lot has changed in Thailand over the last 90 years – and Jubilee Diamond has been there.  Whitespace brief was for the creation of a three-dimensional, Jubilee Diamond brand experience for a new generation of increasingly affluent, worldly customers.

Jubilee of Siam is located in Bangkok’s most ambitious mixed use development to date– Icon Siam. With 750,000 square meters overlooking the Chao Phraya river, it is  among the largest retail centres and is the location of the first Apple global flagship store. Virtually all of the worlds luxury brands have an outsized presence, positioning Icon Siam squally as a five-star destination in a country with more than 30 million annual visitors .

Whitespace made a fresh approach to jewellery retailing- carefully balancing legacy and modernity for the lifestyles of a new generation of customers. The store combines elegant marble and polished brass finishes, with fully integrated high definition digital motion graphics. Carefully designed lighting brings sparkle to the presentation of the precious contents of elegantly detailed displays, in a layout that guides the customer journey through the store. Personalised services are accommodated with comfortable seating throughout the showroom floor, and in a more private setting in the rear of the store.

With Jubilee of Siam serving as the prototype- Whitespace created Jubilee Inspire, intended for shopping centres with a broader demographic target. The Inspire concept requirements include smaller floor areas, with a lower development cost. With a few adjustments, like replacing marble for a parquet wood floor, simplifying the ceiling, and modularising the digital components– the flagship brand experience remains evident in the more economical store.

Jubilee Diamond now have a 21st century retail platform, that provides inspiration for their internal teams and customers as well.


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Interior Design, Retail & Interior


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Ms. Patchara Khancharoensuk-Garrod

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