iStudio | Whitespace Bangkok


Working with Apple retail partners in Southeast Asia

Since 2004, Whitespace has worked closely with Apple and their retail partners to create a retail experience specially tailored to Southeast Asian audiences- from Thailand to Vietnam, across Indonesia to the Phillippines. Starting in Thailand at a time when most customers impression of the brand was limited to the iPod, and with an impression that Apple computers were exotic, expensive and only for artists designers.

Apple had never advertised in the region, so customers were never exposed to the key brand messaging of Apple as the user-friendly computers for everyone. So our team endeavoured to create a retail store and experience to help convey that message. We also created several in-store marketing programs (link to marketing page) to assist with that messaging.

Embracing the brand’s creative side we landed on the brand name iStudio- referencing a creative design studio, and used an artists loft as our interior design inspiration. Whitespace designers under our founder’s direction sought to create a warm and welcoming store balancing the sophistication of the brand with an invitation for customers to come in and explore every Apple product at their leisure.

Further, we wanted to encourage customers to participate in short familiarisation workshops. So we created a dedicated workshop table and positioned it right at the storefront knowing that it would pique curiosity encourage participation. More than 50% of workshop participants went on to purchase their first Apple products.

This first generation of iStudio stores was designated as Apple Premium Reseller stores. Over the years we created iBeat Authorised Reseller stores, and U Store Campus Experience Centre stores. More than 10 years after the grand opening of our first iStudio concept store, we have been assisting Apple retail partners in Southeast Asia with their transition to the worldwide concept with Apple-designed fixtures and displays.