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Honda Indonesia- Showroom Environmental Graphics Program

Whitespace has been working with Honda for more than a decade on Honda Big Wing and Cub House showrooms- and are now working with Honda Indonesia to create an in-showroom marketing communications program and assistance with national implementation to hundreds of locations.

Working closely with our US studio that was also responsible for Honda Big Wing brand creation and implementation, our retail branding team created a stylish and inspiring program around the One Heart brand messaging.

The key visual of the program included a highly flexible and scaleable horizontal banner visual in red duotone. Using emotive imagery of the road and rider camaraderie, the One Heart banner conveys a high impact messaging for the showrooms. The key visual is carried across additional program elements including banner visuals, and inspiring and communicative backdrops for feature displays. Lastly, our teams created an evergreen ‘wallpaper’ for use in the service area, including an icon set to be converted to chat app sticker sets.

Lastly, our retail experts created showroom layout guides, creating an entrance feature display, category grouping and a clearer organisation of the different categories of bikes on display. All for widely varying showroom sizes and configurations.