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CUB House

The Cub House concept has come to life through a collaboration between AP Honda and Greyhound Café, resulting in a unique fusion of a showroom and café. Our team is proud to be a part of this endeavor, to establish the Cub House experience in carefully chosen destinations.


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A unique fusion of a showroom and cafe

With more than 10 years working with Honda Motorcycles on their Honda Big Wing showrooms, Whitespace was invited to help with the implementation of a new national concept around the retro-classic Honda Cub line of mini-bikes- Cub House by Honda.

Cub House is a hybrid showroom and cafe created in partnership between Honda and a local, high-end café, Greyhound. Working in collaboration with Greyhound designers and Honda, our team is helping bring the Cub House concept to life.

With location selection driven more by the café audience, Cub House are in more upscale and in-trend locations in select markets. Most are renovations of existing buildings, requiring a great deal of flexibility and bespoke architectural and interior solutions.

The interior design approach is relaxed, comfortable with a retro-feel and a youthful contemporary urban edge in a black and grey colour scheme. Fun, hand-painted signage/murals are applied directly to red brick walls- furnishings in unconstructed leather and honey-coloured woods are used throughout. Bar-stools using Cub seats are used with a sense of humour and absolute brand communication.