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Honda BigWing

A compelling brand strategy and interior design create an atmosphere of coolness and dynamism for Honda’s superb large-engine motorcycle showroom.


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Honda BigWing - Experience Oneness at Honda Big Bikes Flagship Showroom

For decades, Honda motorcycles imported a line of ‘scooter-sized’ bikes, the ubiquitous mode of basic transportation across southeast Asia. The market for big bikes in Thailand was considered niche and occupied by western brands like BMW, Harley Davidson and Ducati. In 2008, intending to introduce their line of high powered, ‘big’ bikes, Honda partnered with Whitespace to create a strategy and national retail concept showroom.

With a legacy brand association with small scooter-style bikes, it was important to create a distinctive and separate brand, that would be aimed at a very different market segment and customer- able to take on the western niche brands. So Whitespace created the ‘Honda Big Wing” brand name, along with an entire branding program including a signage and wayfinding system.

As always, the team at Whitespace, our brand-driven design approach leads us to discover Honda’s competitive advantages- and then connect them meaningfully with their customers. One example of this is that Honda engineering and technology makes Honda bikes some of the highest performing, most reliable and safest bikes in the world. So we created a futuristic, high-tech showroom using digital visuals and sound to attract and inspire customers imaginations. Interactive touch-screens present each bike price & specifications, allows viewing colour and other options, and including video content with the roaring sound of its engine via headphones.

Our team are supporting the National roll-out of the Honda Big Wing showrooms for more than 10 years. There is a lot of size and configuration variation, and our prototype has proven adaptable and able to maintain the core brand image and customer experience. Our design has also proven timeless, with little modification to the original concept for more than 10 years.