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Brand identity and Environmental Graphics for an Outdoor Market


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Brand identity and Environmental Graphics for an Outdoor Market

Whitespace architects and brand designers collaborated with our client’s architectural teams to create branding, signage, environmental graphics, and wayfinding design for a new indoor-outdoor food and entertainment complex. Located in a Bangkok suburb near IKEA, Foodie Market creates a fun and affordable destination for all ages and demographics.

Needing to grab the attention of suburban automobile traffic in the day and night, Whitespace created large-scale architectural entrance signage serving both as a high visibility landmark and branded entrance gateway to the complex. Our scope of work also included a graphic design framework with functionality, flexibility, informality and fun as drivers. Capable of encouraging selfies and ussies wherever possible- for organic social media marketing.

Further, in support of an adjacent entertainment facility, our teams created three-dimensional environmental graphic / sculptural elements. A great demonstration of Whitespace unique capabilities to bring the graphic design to an architectural scale. And throughout, Foodie Market is designed for day and night, with careful consideration of the lighting throughout all of our designs.