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DTAC partnered with Whitespace to revolutionize retail design, creating the innovative DTAC Store Prototype. The collaboration focuses on immersive customer experiences, blending technology with brand differentiation.


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Innovative DTAC Store Prototype

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Thailand’s prominent mobile provider, Dtac, joined forces with Whitespace to redefine the landscape of retail interior and brand design. The mission was clear: to develop an exceptional DTAC Store Prototype that not only showcased the company’s commitment to innovation but also set new standards for an unparalleled branded customer experience. With a keen focus on national retail prototype creation, the partnership delved into the intricate details of retail interior design, aiming to seamlessly blend the physical and digital realms.

Whitespace’s expertise in retail interior design played a pivotal role in crafting a space that not only served as a point of sale but also as an immersive brand experience. The DTAC Store Prototype became a testament to Whitespace’s ingenuity, strategically integrating cutting-edge technology and aesthetically pleasing design elements. Every aspect of the store layout was meticulously curated to reflect Dtac’s brand differentiation, ensuring a cohesive and visually striking representation of the company’s values.

At the heart of this collaboration was the shared goal of connecting meaningfully with customers. Beyond the conventional retail experience, the DTAC Store Prototype became a platform for fostering genuine relationships with the clientele. Whitespace’s innovative approach extended beyond the physical space, permeating the customer journey with elements that resonated with the brand’s identity. From the moment customers entered the store to their interactions with staff, every touchpoint was designed to enhance the overall brand perception.

In conclusion, the Dtac and Whitespace collaboration in the realm of Interior & Brand Design for DTAC, particularly the creation of the DTAC Store Prototype, represents a paradigm shift in the telecommunications industry. By marrying retail interior design with brand strategy, the partnership successfully transformed traditional retail spaces into dynamic hubs that not only showcased products but also narrated Dtac’s story. This innovative approach has positioned Dtac at the forefront of customer-centric design, setting a new benchmark for branded customer experiences in the competitive mobile telecommunications market.