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Chatime / Toronto

Chatime Atelier, Toronto

Chatime, a global bubble tea brand with origins in Taiwan is working with Whitespace to create an upscale prototype environment and brand experience for Canada.
Focusing on upscale locations in the Central Business District, Toronto, Canada- our team of architects and branding specialists are elevating the brand to project the image of a truly premium tea bar. The upscaling and localization are evident in the addition of the french Atelier to the name and in the visually sophisticated menu, and photography styling. Chatime Atelier creates a holistic brand with an appeal to gourmet tastes.
The design of the prototype environment is intended for scalability and adaptability to different formats- from full, sit-down tea bars of varying sizes to take-away kiosks. The branding provides a framework for the interiors- understated and contemporary with blonde woods and brass accents and white marble counters. Environmental graphics are dominated by the key brand color purple. The circular ceiling treatment with integrated lighting becomes a signature for all locations and is meant to reference bubble tea.