Chapayom | Whitespace Bangkok


A Classic Thai Tea Brand Reimagined for Big City China (and Beyond)

A group of young Thai-Chinese entrepreneurs worked with Whitespace to reimagine an existing Thai street-food brand for upscale markets in China. Our design team’s holistic scope of work included everything from the brand identity and collateral, to a highly adaptive shop environment.
The brand’s Thai origins are instantly recognizable through the use of iconography from Thai mythology- featuring the guardian Yaksa as the brand’s visual mascot. Every tourist to Thailand will have encountered this character who stands guard at many Thai temples, and whose mask is familiar in Thai stage performances. Our creative team developed a set of modernized line illustrations depicting a friendly Yaksa, and iconography from Thai culture, architecture, and mythology.
The Chapayom brand name is presented in Latin characters with stylized letterforms that evoke the look of Thai characters. Chapayom may be presented alone as a word-mark, or in a lock-up with the ‘Yaksa’ mask.
Whitespace created highly adaptable prototype environments from full storefront cafés to in-line take-away formats. Our branding system informs the interiors, from color schemes to environmental graphics.
With several locations in Shanghai- Chapayom is bringing a classic taste of Thailand to the tea-loving culture of China.