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Central Rama II

The transformation of South Bangkok’s largest regional mall into ‘An Oasis of South Bangkok’ that connects the complex with the surrounding urban park.


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An oasis shopping mall of south Bangkok

Whitespace is presented with the exciting opportunity to design a new food court within the renovated Central Rama II shopping mall. The primary objective is to craft an inviting and vibrant space that features popular local restaurants and cutting-edge cloud kitchens, providing an enjoyable experience for patrons with their family and friends.

The ongoing transformation of South Bangkok’s largest shopping mall into ‘An Oasis of South Bangkok’ is a multifaceted project. One key aspect of this endeavor is the integration of diverse and lively green spaces within the interior design. These green spaces serve a dual purpose, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the mall while fostering a connection with the surrounding urban park.

In pursuit of this vision, Whitespace’s interior design approach focuses on creating a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics within the shopping mall. The aim is to not only cater to the practical needs of a food court but also to elevate the overall atmosphere, making it an engaging and comfortable place for visitors. By strategically incorporating elements of local culture and contemporary design trends, the team endeavors to ensure that the interior design aligns with the vibrant spirit of South Bangkok.

Whitespace recognizes the significance of the Central Rama II shopping mall as a central hub for the community. The commitment to transforming it into ‘An Oasis of South Bangkok’ goes beyond mere aesthetics, aiming to establish the mall as a social destination that reflects the diverse and dynamic character of the surrounding area. Through thoughtful interior design, Whitespace seeks to contribute to the creation of a welcoming space where people can not only shop and dine but also immerse themselves in an enriched, green environment that resonates with the local community.