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An Upscale Vision for a Convenience Grocer & Deli across India

We assisted India’s Modi Enterprises to realize their vision for a more upscale customer experience with a prototype 24 SEVEN store concept intended for a massive national expansion.

The freshly prepared quick-serve deli counter is the focal point for the customers upon entering the stores.


Our retail designers paid close attention to customer journey, and creation of vocal-point visual merchandising.


The Modi Group is in the midst of an expansion plan for 10,000 locations by 2022.


24 SEVEN – A New Prototype for a Convenience Grocer & Deli in India

Whitespace established raised the bar for the convenience grocer industry in India working with Modi Enterprises conglomerate. With a rising middle class attracting new competitive entrants to the convenience grocer market– Modi seized the opportunity to establish a world-class offer tailored to aspirational local sensibilities.

Working closely with our client’s local branding and advertising agency, Whitespace helped clarify 24 Seven brand DNA, and to express it visually and through the customer journey. Whitespace designers interpreted the brand by creating a ‘cool-factor’ ambience. Evoking an ‘industrial loft’ with exposed concrete look floors, open ceilings, industrial lighting, and a clean black and white colour scheme- fixtures are natural wood with black steel frameworks to bring in earthy warmth.

The focal point of each store is a deli-counter serving freshly prepared, quick-serve fare along with Coffee and bakery. Our design includes well established retail sales drivers- including carefully considered customer circulation, strategic drinks placement at the rear of the store, high visibility display end-caps with digital marketing communication screens, highlight towers, promotional ’dump-bins’, and a weekly deals area. Signage evoking retro marquis signage is used to bring in an element of fun along with the black & green brand colour scheme.

Intended for a massive national expansion across India, our retail experts took into careful consideration a wide range of prototype design concerns. From the economical, modular design of displays that are easily adaptable to a variety of store sizes and site conditions– to plug and play components that could be added or removed depending on the available space. All while assuring consistency of brand recognition and customer experience.


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