1919 | Whitespace Bangkok


Step into this authentic Italian eatery and experience on a one-of-a-kind journey that transport the guests to a different era with its enchanting blend of mid-century modern Milan aesthetics.


Interior Design


Food & Beverage

Welcome to the Real Deal

Seeking to create an environment on par with the authenticity of the Italian cuisine on offer- Whitespace designers look to mid-century modern Milan for inspiration. Our wish is to create an unparalleled experience that transports guests to another place and time. Located in the central business district right next door to our now famous, Vesper cocktail lounge- 1919 Italian Bar & Restaurant specialises in negroni cocktails and Italian comfort food.

Italian design has the characteristic of elegance, understatement and timelessness- which are our designers’ aspiration for the 1919 interiors. The intimate space is divided by a black marble long bar, dominating one half, and a long beige coloured leather-clad banquette on the other. Framed Deco era Campari posters bring colour and evoke Italian period graphic design.

Lighting levels are low and include diminutive shaded lamps integrated into brass rails above the banquet. Machine age wall sconces flank the back bar- itself a focal point lighting element of the space. And lastly, a pink neon ‘we own the night’ sign in cursive is used to throw off a bit of mid-century ambience.