Is Social Distancing the ‘New Normal’ for Retail & Hospitality? | Whitespace Bangkok

Is Social Distancing the ‘New Normal’ for Retail & Hospitality?


Contagious disease epidemics have come into popular consciousness several times in recent decades, but the covid-19 pandemic is the disaster epidemiologists have been warning of. The rapid devastation of public health and economies will not be soon forgotten– and preparedness for the next wave, or the pandemic of the future should be a part of every strategic business plan.

Just as 9/11 permanently changed global travellers airport experience, the Covid-19 pandemic will likely permanently change the retail and hospitality industries in ways unimaginable just a few months ago. Surely, some businesses will fail, while others discover new, disruptive paths to adapt and thrive.

Retailers with strong e-commerce platforms complementing their physical stores will be much better positioned for success whatever the future may hold. Restaurants and bars with social distancing planned-in– perhaps with smartly segregated, cozy and intimate seating areas will gain loyal customers. Hotels that adopt self check-in/out, app-based access keys, rooms with HEPA air filtration, contactless room service, and finishes allowing housekeeping to truly sanitise rooms for the next guests will win over virus-conscious guests.

With decades of experience in strategic retail and hospitality design consulting– the experts at Whitespace stand ready to help businesses think-through and implement pandemic adaptation strategies and solutions. Not only to get your businesses re-opened from lock-down, but to help you to thrive in an uncertain future. Learn more about our pandemic-adaptation services