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Asia Pacific Property Awards recognizes Whitespace Central Phuket Floresta Food Hall Design 

When one thinks about Thailand, there are several things that spring to mind: a colourful nightlife, the incredible food, and miles of white sand beaches, to name a few. But the most prominent image of all is the rich and authentic cultural tapestry for which the Kingdom of Thailand has been built upon. You envisage the grand, golden statues and the charming floating markets, illuminated by a thousand hanging lanterns…Beautiful. 

So, when the team at Whitespace were tasked with designing the Central Phuket Floresta Food Hall, we knew that we had our work cut out for us! How do we create a space that functions as a luxurious food hall, appeals to an international audience, and honours the authenticity of Thailand’s marvelous culture? These are just a few of the questions that we had to both ask and find answers for. Fortunately, through our customer-centric creative process we were able to navigate our way towards an award-winning design! 

The Asia Pacific Property Awards has recognized Whitespace for what we have achieved, which as only further added to the immense satisfaction that we have gained from taking part in such a prestigious project. 

A little bit about Phuket 

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Phuket is a large province in the Southern region of Thailand, featuring the large island of Phuket (Thailand’s largest in fact). It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world at the moment, and with good reason. It lies off the West Coast of Thailand, resting in the Andaman ocean. There you can find some of the most spectacular beaches in Thailand, with golden-white sands that softly enshroud your feet in warmth, and crystal turquoise waters that maintain the perfect temperature all year-round. In addition to that, visitors find themselves in awe of the mountains that cover the island in plush blanket of emerald green. 

Phuket is fairly close to the province of Krabi, which is a central hub for tourists exploring the Southern Islands. Additionally, it has its own airport, making it easily accessible to anyone travelling through who’d like to experience one of the finest destinations in South-East Asia. 

The Island of Phuket features a number of luxurious amenities, including a wealth of premium shopping malls. This is why we decided to give the Central Phuket Floresta Food Hall more of a contemporary spin on their culture; to embrace the modernization of “Western”, air-conditioned shopping malls, whilst fusing it with the glorious and colourful intricacies of traditional Thai design.  

The idea was that you can travel to any major city in the world if you want to experience a luxurious shopping mall. Today, they’re ten a penny. That is what inspired us to give Central Phuket Floresta its own authentic charm

Everything that you could possibly want, all under one roof 

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For expatriates living in Thailand, embracing the local cuisine is easy! Afterall, the food is world-renowned for being irrefutably delicious. That said, any Westerner who has lived in Thailand for a year or more will understand what its like to crave a bit of home. This is why large international food-halls are so important. 

In the Central Phuket Floresta food hall, you’ll be able to find everything that you could possible want, all under one roof. There are fresh bakeries, mouth-watering deli counters, vibrant vegetable stalls, and so much more. 

Simply put; as wonderful as it is to explore the authentic food-markets in Thailand, sometimes you need to indulge in Croissants, fresh cheese and a refreshing, air-conditioned space. Well, Floresta can provide you with all of that and more, whilst staying true to the vibrant cultural tapestry that international visitors have come to explore. 

  • The Dining Zone: World-class dishes expertly prepared by seasoned chefs. 
  • The Cheese Room: Boasting more than 300 different cheeses from all over the globe! 
  • The Fruit & Veg Zone: There you’ll find organic, locally farmed produce as well as various offerings from other countries. 
  • The Grocery Zone: With over 45,000 snacks from 15 different countries, you’ll be certain to find what you’re craving. 
  • The Bakery Zone: Fresh and delicious European-styled baked goods. 
  • The Meat Zone: Premium, mouth-watering meats from the finest sources. 
  • The Seafood Zone: Fresh, locally sourced seafood, expertly prepared for your convenience. 
  • The Drink Zone: Freshly squeezed smoothies and juices. Mmm! 
  • The Health & Beauty Zone: For all of your self-care and grooming requirements. 
  • The Take Home Zone: Succulent take-out food from 27 famous street outlets. 
  • The Thai Favourites: Of course, no food-hall would be complete without the finest selection of Thai favourites! 



Of course, this is just a snapshot of the Central Phuket Floresta! We can only do it so much justice, as it really is something that you have to experience for yourself. Should you ever find yourself heading to the Southern provinces of Thailand, be sure to pay Phuket a visit! 

If you’d like to speak to us about a project that you have in mind, then please feel free to contact us today. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to sink our teeth into. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!