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KHAAN, a Thai dining gem, beautifully marries Thai royalty with local charm through its elegant Whitespace and Interior & Brand Design. The restaurant’s brand identity cleverly blends ‘Tiger’ and ‘Vocalize,’ symbolizing the name ‘Khaan,’ while modern Thai ornaments, inspired by the logo, adorn diverse textures, transforming it into a uniquely sophisticated space during the renovation process.



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Regal Fusion : KHAAN's Thai Dining Experience Unveiled through Elegant Design and Brand Identity

“KHAAN, a refined Thai dining establishment, harmoniously intertwines the opulence of Thai royalty with the captivating allure of local architecture, all curated by the expert hands of Whitespace. Through meticulous attention to Whitespace, Interior & Brand Design, the restaurant’s ambiance radiates a regal Thai atmosphere while remaining deeply rooted in traditional architecture. This transformative journey led by Whitespace not only respects the historical charm of the space but also seamlessly integrates contemporary elegance, creating a dining experience where historical richness coexists with modern sophistication.

The branding for @khaan.bkk is a testament to the creative ingenuity of Whitespace, drawing inspiration from Thai homophones to cleverly integrate the dual meanings of ‘Tiger’ (ขาล) and ‘Vocalize’ (ขาน), embodying the essence of the brand’s name ‘Khaan.’ This linguistic play adds a layer of depth to the brand narrative, symbolizing both strength and artistic expression. The result is a dining experience that transcends culinary delights, offering a rich tapestry of cultural significance envisioned and brought to life by Whitespace.

Whitespace’s role in the renovation process takes center stage, showcasing a transformative journey where modern Thai ornaments, inspired by the distinctive KHAAN logo, grace diverse material textures. Curved motifs elegantly integrated into the interior design breathe life into the restaurant, endowing it with a distinctive identity. The meticulous fusion of contemporary sophistication and cultural richness, directed by Whitespace, sets KHAAN apart, creating an unparalleled dining environment within the realm of Retail Interiors.

In the world of sophisticated Thai dining, KHAAN emerges as a beacon of excellence, redefining standards with the keen expertise of Whitespace. Beyond being a culinary haven, KHAAN offers a visual feast, where every element, guided by Whitespace’s design mastery, contributes to an immersive experience that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity. KHAAN stands as a testament to the artistry of design, with Whitespace setting new benchmarks for elevated dining experiences.”