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Our teams bring a holistic approach to packaging- clearly connecting it with the DNA of the brand– and considering how to make it stand out in retail displays.

Whitespace provide packaging design services in a variety of media from printed labels, to injection moulded plastics. We are also often called upon to design the point of sale retail displays upon which the packaging is displayed. And as always- we leverage our expertise in retail– to create holistic systems that are easily integrated into retail environments that attract customers and instantly communicate brand product offers

A Swiss start-up engaged Whitespace to create a retail brand, including naming, packaging and displays. After creating the NooYoo brand and identity– we created packaging and displays integrated with the letter ‘O’ from the word mark. The result was holistic solution, uniquely NooYoo and instantly recognisable in the crowded shopping centre environments in which they operate.

Packaging must balance a wide range of brand related and practical considerations. Rapidly grabbing a customer’s attention, communicating the product offer are only the beginning. The feel and materiality of packaging communicates without words product positioning; premium, value, organic, high-tech, aspirational or many other attributes. Packaging must protect the products, during shipping and in-store. Manufactured in mass quantities, it must meet budgetary requirements. Labelling must meet governmental requirements which vary widely in different markets.

Whitespace was ranked as a Top Packaging Design Companies by DesignRush

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