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Brand naming is one of the foundational services Whitespace provide to our clients for their new businesses.This work is as exciting as it is challenging – requiring a careful balancing of a wide range of considerations.

When creating brand names– it’s necessary to discover the intersection of a large number of considerations in the creation of a communication platform for the brand. For example, we must test that it can be pronounced and makes sense in different languages, and that a web URL is available. We conduct trademark research in countries where the business will be active. We also consider at how the name will look as a word mark, what direction a logo might take and the various media where it will appear.

When creating the V Eyewear brand name, we looked ahead to the need for a logo that could be presented at a very, very small scale for application on eyeglass frames. A scaleable logo was a critical consideration during naming. This demonstrates the value we provide to our clients by providing a multi-disciplined team working collaboratively, looking holistically at the brand name and all of its practical manifestations.

In some cases we are asked to work with an existing name, with a mission for transformation to support repositioning of the business. In the case of Indian Ayurveda products brand, Omved, we were asked to refine the positioning and prepare the brand for expansion in the European market. Our process resulted in moving the positioning from ‘home spa’ toward medicinal remedies, solved by appending ‘therapies’ to the name. Thus creating Omved Therapies.

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