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Lifestyle Centre design is a core service we provide in the commercial real estate sector. With large scale briefs and scopes of work– we are helping to transform the 20th century model of shopping mall to connect with the lifestyles of a new generations of omni-channel consumers.

Starting with a focus on people and the creation of engaging experience environments– our designers seek to create exciting spaces where people want to see and be seen, and to return again and again. Taking into account myriad considerations from meeting construction schedules and budgets to creating designs with a timelessness to excite well into the future– our depth of retail design capabilities find the balance and deliver.

Our work for major shopping centre developers including Central Group and Simon Properties has included full interiors, large scale food halls, and signage and wayfinding. Being awarded a great number of contracts over the years is a testament to our ability to deliver for these clients.

Noting that a majority of our large scale shopping centre projects are still on the drawing boards, we invite you to view examples of work that has been recently completed.

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