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We are supporting our clients as they expand their retail networks nationally and internationally with comprehensive design, architectural / technical and on-site services.

Many of our clients are ambitiously growing their network of locations– sometimes across the city, or across the region. Most of the time we are implementing Whitespace designed prototypes like Pomelo fashion stores for Southeast Asia, or Cha Time across Canada. But, we also work with our client’s existing programs like Uniqlo, and Apple; working with their overseas teams to implement stores across the Asian region. In some cases, we are creating localised versions of a brand’s prototype before rolling it out, like Tim Hortons cafés in Thaiand.

Because we are working on both sides of the retail program equation– designing prototype stores, and also implementing their roll-out programs, we are able to offer our clients a unique and highly valuable perspective. We are able to take into account from the start– key considerations like the need for modular display systems that can be pre-fabricated to assure consistent quality, and allow for adaptation to unique site conditions. Our expertise allows us to rapidly turn-around drawings to keep roll-out programs on schedule without compromising quality.

We also know that retail programs are not static– and must be able to evolve with the times. We have worked with clients like Copperwired and Honda for decades providing us with a deep understanding of their business customers and markets and helped their retail environments to evolve over time.

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