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Interior design is one of the core services we provide for many of our clients with a diversity of briefs, scales, and across many industries.

From private residences to large scale shopping centre interiors– all of our work starts with a focus on people. Spaces are nothing without the people– so all of our designs seek to take into account the experience of its inhabitants. Uplifting spaces that people want to be in.

A large portion of our interiors portfolio can be grouped as branded environments– which may be defined as a three-dimensional manifestations of a brand. This is a very unique kind of interior requiring specialised expertise that must go beyond the display and selling of goods. It must become a brand platform to attract and inspire, engage and inform, and help forge a meaningful connection with customers. It must also function as part of a system, including staff, marketing communications (in store and online), as well as presenting products.

Another important component to the interiors services we provide for commercial clients– is an in-depth consideration of the competitive landscape. We seek to create design solutions that express uniqueness and to differentiate with clarity for long business success.

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