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Whitespace provide comprehensive services in the design of showrooms for clients in the Home industry. With a customer base that includes design professionals, it’s imperative that our creative work provides next level inspiration.

Working with clients in furniture, home decor, kitchens, ceramic finishes and sanitary ware– our experience is broad in the industry. Our Home showrooms are large scale environments– requiring a carefully considered customer journey built around product stories. And delivering highly creative, in-trend presentations to attract and inspire design professionals and their clients is our designers’ mission.

Showrooms need to serve as a ‘neutral platform’ for the presentation of goods. But our designers are well aware of the risk that they can become like impersonal ‘warehouses’. To create branded showroom experiences, our designers work hard to balance the practical, aspects of a flexible platform for presenting goods– and the excitement of interior design. The creative use of lighting, ceiling and flooring elements- exterior windows/daylight if available, and sometimes exposing a raw industrial structure can be used to create interest and uniqueness.

We invite you to view examples of our work for clients for the Home industry.

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