Food & Drink Industry | Brand Design | Interior Design


The Design of Brands and environments in the Food & Drink industry are a Whitespace core service. From fine dining to franchise roll-outs, up to very large food halls for lifestyle centres we bring our customer centric design approach to create engaging experiences the keep them coming back.

Some of our most passionate clients are in food & drink- making it a delight for our creatives to help translate their passion into extraordinary dining experiences for their customers. And we have done so for experimental Thai cuisine to a marketplace for Thai street food. For Taiwanese bubble tea to award winning cocktails. For luxury coffee roasters to dessert specialty cafes. And for these clients, their passion for food and drink is often surpassed by a love of hospitality– knowing their customers and driven to provide great experiences every single time.

Our projects for the Food & Drinks industry include all scales and formats– from kiosk, to rooftops, multi-level, to large food halls. We have created one-off restaurants, and helped brands like Tim Hortons enter and expand their market in Thailand. Among our services, we often include restaurant collateral like menus, signage, environmental graphics, decorative propping, art direction for many photography and digital design.

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