Fashion Interior Design | Whitespace Retail Specialists


Interior design for fashion is a key service we provide for wide-ranging clients in the industry. From unique streetwear boutiques, jewellery, and eyewear to large scale fast-fashion national, multi-location programs– our clients rely on our teams of retail specialists to get it right.

We have long seen the exciting aspects of fashion retail– frequently refreshed merchandising with inspiring, attention grabbing in-trend presentations, as foundational to our approach to retail for many industries. For example, creating engaging storefront/focal presentations that bring together items from across categories into inspiring ‘lifestyle stories’, and connection with customers at an emotional level, are but two examples that we have brought to unlikely places like electronics & motorcycle retailing.

Whitespace are of the belief that retail environments should be a ‘platform’ for the customer / brand relationship. Like a computer operating system, its purpose is to become the sleek infrastructure in support the customer journey / brand experience without getting in the way. Our platform approach is most necessary in fashion retail, because of the seasonal and rapidly changing trends, colours and marketing communications.

Our expertise in fashion retail include bespoke boutiques, kiosks, department store shop in shops, to large scale retail program rollouts. Our work includes streetwear boutiques (Upperground , Carnival), brand & prototype design for fast fashion eyewear (V Eyewear), implementation parters for global apparel and eyewear brands (Uniqlo , Mykita ), and accessories (Jubilee , NooYoo).

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