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Brand design & strategy are services we provide for many of our clients. From well-known global brands to new start-ups, our teams have a depth of understanding to create brand-experiences that engage.

Whitespace devised strategies for introducing Apple and Honda Motorcycles to the southeast asian market, starting with Thailand. Together with our clients we developed an understanding of the unique characteristics of asian consumers, assessed the existing competitive environment, and crafted approaches to attract and inspire, engage and inform our new customers. We created the iStudio and Honda Big Wing brands and implemented national store and showroom retail program for Thailand.

Our team has undertaken brand transformations, for existing brands wishing to update, refresh, or reposition. We have invented new brands from the ground up– like V Eyewear, a fast-fashion eyewear brand with a scope that included full identity design, brand implementation guide, store design, campaign design. Even the application of the branding to the eyewear & cases.

Although we often provide brand design as part of a scope that may include stores, restaurants and interiors, we have also undertaken brand design projects as a stand alone service.

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