Architecture Services | Whitespace Interior Designers


With registered architects on staff in Thailand and the United States, Whitespace provide full building architectural services to our clients. And, through a collaborative partnership with Keen Architects, we offer greatly expanded capabilities.

Our team includes a number of registered architects, capable of servicing clients with professional registration across the United States. Together with Keen, we are able to provide large scale building project design including high-rise condominium, hotel, resort and shopping centres. We know that when a building is designed in close coordination between architecture and interiors– spectacular results are possible.

We believe that branding can be carried across all commercial project types– not only for retail. Approaching an architectural project with consideration for how the design communicates with its surroundings, the experience it provides, and how it makes people feel– are imperatives. And which can be crafted to establish messages the owner wishes to communicate with its audience. Certainly this is absolutely necessary for the hospitality industry.

With expertise in all aspects of brand design combined with architectural and interiors capability- we are able to offer an extraordinarily holistic creative service to our clients.

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